True Tea

True Tea is the website for a bottled tea beverage created by a lawyer and a banker who source their tea leaves from all over the world. I absolutely love the illustrative quality of this site, it feels very homegrown and natural but fun at the same time. Even the scroll bar is hand drawn, and I appreciate this attention to detail. The navigation of this website is a simple row of four image boxes found in the middle of the page. Its large, its central, and it immediately draws my attention after I spend time interacting with the main image on the home page. I love how icons are used within the first page, and the color change upon selection is nice and subtle. The second page features the various locations of the tea leaves, and while I enjoy the map, I wish there was some way to select the specific tea and then learn about the location, rather than being forced to go through the teas one at a time according to where they are from. The biography page and the quiz are fun and light, and overall help this website to be very enjoyable to interact with. The only content I felt was lacking was a store locator or some indication of where the tea could be purchased. Overall the content, layout, type and color were appropriate for the subject matter, and gave the brand a natural, down to earth feel while injecting a bit of fun and humor to what could have been a very serious product. I loved the illustration and the icon work, and I think there was just the right amount of elements on the page and too many more would have resulted in clutter.

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