Freckles and Handsome

This is a site announcing the wedding of a couple from Florida that was obviously intended to be fun and lighthearted. The navigation is at the top, but that page is flat, so it just bounces you down to the corresponding section. It is easy to understand and hits the high points and important information in the narrative that they have crafted. The content is fun and appropriately cute, but I feel like the type and some of the images get a little large in some areas. The sections are divided by color change and yellow headlines, which help keep the hierarchy in a static layout. The images are primarily photos and fun icons, and I feel like there are just enough of both. The whole site is done in yellow and green, and while I like the decision to only use two colors, I think I would have tried to find a less jarring shade of green for the background. I think the functionality of having the rsvp right at the bottom is nice, and overall I think this was a great alternate version to the typical paper invitation.

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