Basil Thai Restaurant

Basil Thai is a restaurant with multiple locations in North and South Carolina. Their website caught my eye with a simple look and a very intuitive flow of information that appropriately almost reads like a menu. The navigation is on the left, and at times opens into a subset navigation menu. I think this works only because of our natural tendency to view a page from left to right. The content is very light as well, which helps this type of layout to work. Im not sure If I like the inset scroll, it isn’t really necessary and I think the content could just flow the length of the page and utilized the browser scroll bar. The nav wording seems clear, but it would be hard to go wrong with such minimal content. I do appreciate the very visible downloadable pdf versions of each menu, and the ability to change the location to compare each restaurant’s menu. The structure is very simple and all housed in one horizontal box. Its not groundbreaking, but it works well for organizing menu items and lists of information. The images are very iconic, but very typical and straightforward. I think more interesting illustrations could add a lot to the site, especially if they broke out of the box a bit more. My eye definitely goes to the green navigation bar first, and the color also helps it to stand out as the most important element on a very white page. The page title grabs my attention next, followed by the imagery and the subheads. Overall I think the site allows the user to quickly and efficiently view the most necessary information, but is lacking in the details and could use more compelling imagery.

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