Heath Waller Creative

This is the personal site of a web designer based in Canada and Australia. I really enjoyed the illustrations and collage styles that she brought into each page, and the subtle ways she found to keep the theme on the more text based areas. Her only navigation is at the top of the page, and it is simple and clean, very appropriate for a personal site. The architecture isn’t extremely deep, so this single level works well for her. The labels are clear and concise, and the overall structure is consistent. I really liked the border detail and the fun way the images were spread throughout the site, especially when her portfolio page features various fruit illustrations upon rollover. It adds a lot of personality and a whimsical touch to her work. The images are colorful but dusty enough in their tones that they don’t really compete with the content, and the type is only a few select colors. My favorite little detail is under the work section, on the individual pages where each project is layed out. She created a little icon set that informs the viewer of her role in the project. It is straightforward but eye catching, and gives the user a quick overview of how deeply she was involved.

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