Albion West Coast

Albion West Coast is a creative agency with offices in London and California. This website is the home of their West Coast operation, and immediately I am pulled in by the fun colors and amazing footer design. After further investigation this page just seems like one part of the London website, as it is really only one page with a few links and no real navigation. I wish there was a navigation. So for this post I suppose I will have to jump back to that main page, Albion London. Here the navigation is clean and simple, and overall easy to understand. The wording is straightforward, and the architecture is very easy to understand. Once again the type is simple and clean, keeping with the overall aesthetic of the site. I really loved the layout and design of the West Coast page, but unfortunately they seem to loose that some of that fun style in the London page. The colors are similar and tie everything together between the two, but overall it feels like something is lost between the sites.

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