Dotvita Portfolio Site Design

The Dotvita website immediately appealed to me based upon its bold imagery and many icon sets. I seem to have a fondness for well-designed and appropriately used iconography, especially when combined with strong typography. I think that some may argue that the logo and identifying information appear too small, especially on the homepage of this site. To me, it allows the headlines and main navigation to draw my attention that much faster. As this is primarily a portfolio website, it is important that the design itself makes the user want to browse the content, even if the motivation is simple curiosity. There seem to be a total of 3 navigation areas throughout this site. The first is intuitively at the top of the page, just under the main image. These buttons immediately appear clickable simply because of the thin stroke surrounding them. For the majority of the site, this is the only navigation that is apparent. Under the portfolio tab, however, two more navigation systems appear. One, on the left, is modeled to resemble a ruler or depth meter, and playfully allows the user to navigate the blog-style display of work. The other is housed under each project’s image set, and allows you to scroll through multiple images. Over all, the navigation labels themselves are a bit playful and could be seen as unclear by some. The fun naming would probably not hold up for a much larger website with deeper content, but for a simple portfolio site it seems to work. I like that the architecture is flat as well, I don’t think there is need for something more complicated. The simplicity of colors help the site stay focused, with dark tones throughout the background with pops of color on key typography. Overall, I found the blog-like portfolio layout to be interesting and useful, just because its different than the standard format. At the same time, it could be considered confusing to those who are less attuned to the web and who are looking to quickly access a specific project.

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