Digital Craft Instrument

Digital Craft created this site to house their creative portfolio and blog. There is one main navigation at the top of each page, which stays the same throughout. I like the selected state of each of the tabs, and I think the simplicity of the wording makes them easy to use. The white space surrounding this area of the page helps it to feel important and makes it clear that this is the navigation. The architecture of the site is very simple, and its easy to know where you are within the layers. The home page is also always accessible by clicking on the logo. I think that overall the type looks nice, and it is probably one of the reasons I was drawn to this particular site. The various sizes help the hierarchy, but I think even more differentiation would be nice. The layout of the pages stays fairly consistent as you explore the site, and I like that even the blog seems to fit with the overall layout and design. I think the first thing I notice is the large images and large type, which is good for a portfolio website. I wish that the work was more prominently displayed however, and could be housed within one page rather than in separate tabs. It just makes it more difficult to quickly navigate through the work, and limits the number of projects that are displayed. It would be nice to see more, more quickly and obviously displayed. The simple blue black and grey color palette is bold but clean and attractive. There are a few areas, however, where I wish there was more to this site. The photos of the employees look clickable, but they aren’t. The logos of clients don’t link to anything. Overall the design is nice, but there are many areas for improvement.

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